The Lost Boys of Sudan are an inspiring group of refugees who are truly walking miracles. They ran for their lives when civil war broke out in South Sudan in 1983. Their families were slaughtered, and they buried each other along the journey walking from Sudan to Ethiopia. After 3 years in a refugee camp in Ethiopia, they were forced to flee again, this time walking from Ethiopia to Sudan to Kenya. Many more children died along the way due to starvation and wild animals. They then sat in a camp in Kenya for 13 years before being granted asylum to come to the US.

We have about 70 Lost Boys living right here in San Diego. Fr. John has been their spiritual mentor since they arrived in 2001. As a parish we showed our support to them during our 1st annual walk-a-thon on January 3rd. We have also created an emergency fund that we add to monthly. As many of the lost boys still have family members suffering from disease and famine in South Sudan, this gives them an opportunity to present their family issues in front of a board who then decides where the money is sent.